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Scott Shane

Creator of The Palace Recording Studio

Palace Recording Studio
Palace Recording Studio is the creative effort of Scott Shane. We provide complete recording capabilities and studio services. The Palace works with your vision to create a professional product for musicians and performers looking for a comfortable and creative way to have their projects recorded and mixed with great sounding results. 
We feature the best of both traditional analog and modern digital tools. Music and recording is our passion, and we focus on making professional sounding recordings in a relaxed, intimate setting.
Palace Recording Studio, located in Santa Fe, NM, has produced several award winnng songs and received numerous finalist nominations from the New Mexico Music Awards.
In addition we are a collaborative partner with Lisa Carman of She Sings Studio. Lisa is an award winning singer/songwriter as well as an experienced and sought after music producer. Her wonderful musical sensibilities and her creative drive enhance any project. We have worked together on numerous recording and performance projects. We truly enjoy working on clients' projects and relish the process of bringing their musical and recording projects to fruition. Her services are availabe for any Palace Recording Studio projects. 
Scott Shane
I carry a lifelong passion for all things musical and recording. I am a guitarist, singer/songwriter and, when I'm not busy in the studio, I can be found performing as a solo artist or playing with other local artists at duo/trio or band gigs.  
My muscial tastes and influences are diverse and elcectic, I'm always seeking out and listening to new sounds. I like to feel that I'm always bringing into the studio, and into my own music, my thirst for new elements and my eagerness to explore and create.

Scott Shane of The Palace Recording Studio in performance mode

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