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The mixing process is where your project gets pulled together, refined and focused. And that sound that you hear in your head is brought to life. Mixing is where the perfromances, arrangements and production turn your project into the sound you've been wanting.


All mixing is done in high resolution at 96k on our state of the art Digital Audio Workstation. We utilize 64 channels of Antelope digital conversion and using our 32 channel analog console we can patch in our collection of world class analog reverbs, delays, compressors and equalizers to sprinkle just the right amount of processing to bring each and every track in the mix to life. We also have the highest quality audio plugins and virtual instruments to add just the right sound or effect to any track at any time during the recording or mixing process. 


We use an analog mix buss chain to give your mixed project that fully professional sound and to make you project ready for the mastering and distibution process.

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